Security Services

Vulnerability Assessments

          44% of all data breaches are caused by exploiting known vulnerabilities. This is the leading cause worldwide for data breaches. How does your business stand with its vulnerability patching program? Are you protected?   

          Our Vulnerability Assessment program will review your patch management program, scan your computer systems for vulnerabilities, and deliver a comprehensive report on your firm’s security vulnerability standing, as well as guidance on how to go about remediation activities, and the development of a formal patching program to ensure that your company stays protected once the initial remediation is performed. We can also offer project management for vulnerability remediation with oversight of the patching activities.  

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Security Program Assessment and Development

          27% of Cyber Defense Organizations fail to meet even a basic operating model level, operating in an ad-hoc manner with undocumented processes and significant gaps in security and risk management. If these CDOs, specifically created to address security and risk, fail to do so, how will your small or medium business fare without dedicated security teams? 

          We offer a comprehensive assessment to analyze the current state of your business’s security program, and will model and develop an effective cyber defense policy and program that works for your company. This program also includes the development of effective business metrics linked to business priorities and communicated in business terms, rather than the basic functional performance reporting that only technologists understand. 

          Many times, breaches occur due to security awareness issues as hackers target employees of the company to solicit information. These attacks often take only minutes, due to lack of training on how to respond. Our Security Program Development service helps to create security policies and training programs for all employees to combat this growing threat.

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